GrumbleWoof - Please give me feedback on my game

It would be great if you could give me feedback on my latest game. It’s called GrumbleWoof and can be found on using the following link.


It’s an earlyish development build for testing and for player feedback.

Ozzy the dog is a new pupil at GrumbleWoof school, but before he can commence lessons at the school he has to find his way through the Autumn Wood and collect all the Autumn Berries.

The Autumn Wood scene is complete and ready to play. Other scenes are still to be developed.

Player feedback will be used to improve the Autumn Wood and develop the whole game further.

I hope you really enjoy the game and please do not hold back on your feedback, if things need to be improved then just let me know. All feedback will be taken with an honest open mind and a great willingness to learn from others.

Plays on Mobile, Tablet or PC

Mobile and Tablet use onscreen buttons

PC Keyboard - Right/Left Arrow and Space to Jump

GamePad - Right/Left Button and “A” to Jump

Many Thanks



Hello, RCorney!

I liked the graphics (loved the sunlight :heart_eyes:) although I think the camera is quite far away!!!
What I didn’t think matched with the rest of the game was the sound of the jump … it’s very strong and sounds like a “trampoline”.
The menu music have a lot of noise, but the music of the level is very nice.
I had a little difficult to control the dog. The jump is short and he slides a little. And the level is not easy :sweat_smile: so, seems like a bit difficult game.

I think it’s getting cool! Keep going, Richard! :v:

Hi Rasterisko

Many thanks for taking time to look at my game and also for sending me feedback, it is really appreciated. Your comments are really helpful, you never know how a game plays until others try it out. I’m going to revisit my jump and control mechanic, your feedback is in line with a couple of others who have had a go. I need to do more work in this area.

Your comment re the jump sound is very interesting. You are correct, the sound is out of sync with the rest of the game which was by design but on reflection I think I could find better.

I’ve noticed myself that on occasion the music can have a “static” type interference behind it, this does not happen all the time. I’m using MP3 format sound files, I think I will replace them with their .WAV versions to see if this helps sort this issue.

Really glad you like the graphics, this makes me very happy :grin: as all the images, with the exception of the explosions, are created from scratch by myself.

Once again many thanks, your feedback is really appreciated and will definitely help me improve my game.

All the best


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I’ve won the game but the last berry was strangely difficult to pick, maybe for a bug, but the last one only appeared after clicking the menu over the flask and it appeared.

Here there’s another bug: the berry moves as Ozzy moves.

At the point it appeared, I was in the spider web area and the berry appeared over the rotating platforms.

To pick it I was forced to jump forward, so the berry jumped in the spider web area and I killed myself, at the re-spawn, I was over the berry and Ozzy picked it.

Another bug. Win or lose, Ozzy can walk over the screen before the spider at the end appears.

The spider at the end appears very slow.

Despite those bugs, the game is enjoyable and a good pastime.

Hi AntonioNero

Many thanks for taking the time to complete the game. I’m really happy that you enjoyed it. Also many thanks for taking the time to feedback to me. Your comments re the bugs are very helpful indeed. I’ll do some more testing and fix them all.

Re the spider at the end, I went for a slow emergence to add a bit of a sinister feel to the character, but I think you are correct, it probably does take too long to appear.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to feedback and all the best


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Hi RCorney,

I liked your game so far. I did have a question though playing on PC I am having trouble getting up the clift when the cannon fires at you with the pig. I jump up and over cant get up there becuase the side of the clift and or the bombs falling on me. I was wondering is there a way around it can you double jump it does not seem to work.Tried timing and it just either gets hit by the cannon or the side blows up the character. Either way it has been a fun game.


Hi Tom

I’m really glad you enjoyed the game. You can’t jump up the cliff by the cannon. You have to collect all 10 berrys and then retrace your steps back to the big hole with the direction sign pointing to the school. Drop down the hole and walk through the cave. If you have all 10 berrys you are allowed to pass to start your school life at Grumblewoof. That’s then the end of the game so far.

I’m currently working on the next level. The full game will ultimately have levels based on school subjects such as physics, chemistry etc which you will have to complete to graduate from school.

A lot of work ahead but I’m having great fun doing it and feedback like yours really motivates me, so thank you very much.

All the very best