[GSOC] Improved Debugger and Profiler

Hi, GDevelop community.
Could anyone please tell me who the mentors for the above project are as well as who the mentors for the project “Revamped shortcuts/Goto Anything in the editor” are. I am very interested in both and would love to start working on them. Also, if anyone could tell me whether GDevelop has a priority for either of these projects as many projects are listed on the GSOC page.
Thanks. @4ian

Thanks for your interest and reaching out :slight_smile:

All projects will be mentored by @Bouh, @blurymind and myself :slight_smile: I’ll provide technical help and guidance and both @Bouh and @blurymind will be able to help on technical stuff too and the overall design/community stuff (communicating, writing help pages, etc…).

If you want to start, look at the Good First Issues to try and make your first steps in the codebase :slight_smile:

Hey, I wanted to know if there were a limited number of slots. A fellow participant informed me that GDevelop was a first-time organization on Gsoc so you might have only 2 slots for students. I just wanted to confirm if that was true.

We’re a first time organisation yes, we’ll mentor I think 2 students - this should not change the way you create your proposal.
I’ve updated the proposal guidelines on Google Summer of Code - be sure to read them :slight_smile:

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Hi, you mean 2 students for the whole organization? correct me if I’m wrong :frowning:

We’re a small and first time organisation, so it’s unlikely we’ll have the bandwidth to mentor more than two, maybe three students. Mentors are not working full time, so this is already a big commitment for us.