[GSOC] Revamped shortcuts/"Goto Anything" in the editor

Hi!, I’m Dilshaad, an undergraduate in Computer Science. I have good experience working in open source and many good projects using technologies such as Reactjs, Redux, Nodejs and C++.
Can someone please guide me where should I begin if I want to work on the above idea?

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Hi! Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:
Have you read the recommended step to start on GDevelop and Google Summer of Code [GDevelop wiki]? :slight_smile:

This period is a great time to get familiar with the project but you need to do so in autonomy - because you will need to solve much bigger problem during GSoC if you are selected :wink:

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Hi @4ian. Really interested in this project as well as “Improved Debugger and Profiler”. I would love to work on a React Based IDE and I am very excited to get started. I had a few initial concerns I would like to discuss with you. Could you please give your email so I could send you my question?

@TaimurAzhar You can find an email on the GSoc GDevelop organization page :slight_smile: But I would advise to create a new thread on this forum GSoC 2020 section, better to have public conversations :slight_smile:

Thanks @4ian. I will just post my question over here.

I really like your project “Revamped shortcuts/Goto Anything in Editor” for GSoC. I looked into some tutorials and I would love to work on it since I’m really interested in using React and working on an IDE. Other than that, I also really like the project “Improved Debugger and Profiler”. I’m primarily concerned about how inclined the organization is to run this project or whether I should be looking at different projects on a priority basis. Thank you!

There is no project having a priority, the most important will be to have a project you are confident about and having a good vision of how to achieve it - existing contributions can help with this :slight_smile:

Hey @4ian , I’m Atishay, an undergraduate in Information Technology, I’m really interested in “Revamped shortcuts/Goto Anything in Editor” project.
I’m currently going through the code-base and getting-started tutorials.
As I’m writing proposal for this project, I have following queries/ approach/ ideas regarding this project-
[Correct me if I’m wrong]

  1. Is this project propose to access all the features of editor through “Goto Anything popup” and add pre-default shortcuts to most of the features and remaining can be setup by user? [Query/Approach]

  2. Is this projects really requires extensive knowledge of the editor as all the commands are to be fetched for shortcut? [Query]

  3. One more feature “Shortcut manager” should be added for managing shortcuts. [Approach/ idea]

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