GTA 2 Tech Demo with Game Develop?

Has anyone tried to create a GTA 2 tech Demo?

I don’t think so…

Would something like this be possible? ( the first 1 Minute and 40 Seconds )


Driving and 3D buildings, yes it is possible, look at the 3DRacingGame example. You can drive a car around in a basic 3D environment similar to the video.
The lighting part is limited in GD as no directional light source to use only point light and you can use only one light source in a scene to cast shadows, so if you add a light to the player car to cast shadow, AI cars and other lights don’t cast shadow in the scene. I don’t know if lighting going to be improved but I don’t expect it in near future.

i really hope it will, because that would make it really amazing. i mean, why not add it?

The developer of the engine (4ian) is working on HTML5 right now, he would like to add as many features to HTML5 platform as possible to make it as powerful as the native (Windows, Linux) platforms. After new features added to HTML5, he is planning to polish GameDevelop but personally I don’t know which features are planned to be polished. But even if lighting improvement is planned, I don’t expect it in the next few months because HTML5 features are on the first place on the list and only one person develop the product in his spare time as far as I know, so it could take a long time. But maybe 4ian will give you a more accurate answer for your question. I’m only guessing.

Aww, that would be a big bummer. However, if such a project would come of the ground and the lightning would be really required. I guess if one would look with big puppy eyes, then this feature could be implemented faster. :smiley: