GTA - like game (community project)

First we need to finish the concept and make a plan… Once I started a isometric openworld game project I have a isometric city assets if you are interested though.

Well it’s gonna be a top down game just like gta 1 and 2. I got some assets from kenney

Oh I see … What if we make it more minimal assets rather than using more detailed assets. It will look good and can be made in 3 days(Assets for a whole city)… For example you can compare Gta 1 vs Zombs. Io assets. Oh and we need to discuss what feature we are going to implement in our game so that programing will be lot easier :smile:

Lets make a discord server for this project… Discusstion will be lot easier there

Okay I 2ould create one now.

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Join this discord community if your interested in developing the community game.

The way I see it the reason it is never take off was lack of leadership and lack of design direction and lack of patience.

I did come up with this idea but at the time I was a complete beginner and was certainly not able to lead such project, I was hoping more experienced people will be interested but nobody was really interested. Then I was hoping we can at least discuss the details of the game, come up with a design, artist could make some mockups of space ships, characters but no, nobody was really that interested either, in-fact I was criticised for talking too much and not actually doing anything. Since we did not have a clear goal but people did run out of patience already I was not sure what to do and again we did not have a leader and I did not want to be.

After I have realised the only way to go is someone take the lead, come up with all the design on it own, start working on the game and make it open-source, and I did made an attempt here:

My idea was I could work on the core project and people could contribute with feedback, features, improvements, fixes or maybe even take the lead. But the project received 0 interest, it was completely ignored by the community.
Could be many reason why.

  1. License which I actually did asked for opinions but received no suggestions. I did want something that force people to contribute and did not want to allow people to just take it and walk away with everything we have done without contribution so I made my choice which did allow people to use it, contribute to it and it was force you to share your modifications, so if you made a game, you had to share the source of the core but not the gameplay of course. It was my idea with the license and I was open to change it but received no comment.
  2. Shared the source on the forum instead of GitHub. At the time I did not know how GitHub works, but I don’t actually believe sharing it on the forum was that much of a big deal breaker. As you can see it is receleved 0 comment for months, so people was simply not interested.

The way I see it, the most likely reason must be that I was a complete beginner and the project was a total mess, poorly designed not really worth contributing to it, there was also no documentation explaining how everything works, how to contribute, no design guidelines…etc it was just a pile of mess of a noob.

After receiving 0 interest I just stopped sharing any more updates…

You have a better chance succeeding this time but one mistake I can see you made is that you locked the discussion behind a wall (Discord) that require registration and a link to join. If you don’t have any discussion going on the forum how people supposed to find the link to the server?

You also did not share a link to GitHub so people can at least follow the development and discussions in the issue tracker.

Finally I would recommend to go with the MIT license for the github repo, it is going to help with making people more interested in getting in to it and use the source and eventually maybe contribute and also helps with the question who owns the project because everybody own it and can use it in any ways they want which is also helps with encouraging people to contribute.

Good luck :+1:

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@ddabrahim why not you also join us?

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That’s the point we don’t want people stealing our code so we created one discord link shared on my channel and here now when in the server you would be added to our github organisation. During your early time in the server you would be interviewed just to make sure the individual is not here to steal codes and mess the project up. Not to be rude but back then you guys had trust issues and we all know you cant achieve a community project without trust. And that was because you guys allowed anyone to join so someone could join today mess the project up and leave or someone. Could join stay idle after a long period of time comes back with the intention of continuing the project.

About that we would constantly post updates on this post to keep it at the top.

Like I said earlier we work as an organisation so we only add people from the server for security reasons. [quote=“ddabrahim, post:27, topic:25780”]
Finally I would recommend to go with the MIT license for the github repo, it is going to help with making people more interested in getting in to it and use the source

We voted on a license which we all agreed to[quote=“ddabrahim, post:27, topic:25780”]
and eventually maybe contribute and also helps with the question who owns the project because everybody own it and can use it in any ways they want which is also helps with encouraging people to contribute.

We all own the project and we also agreed to place our splash screens in random arrangement so you could play it today and the first splashscreen could be @Ruhan and so on and when you reopen it you would get another random arrangement of the splash screen.

Like @Ruhan said join the team am sure with your experience we could achieve more and prevent possible issues. I can’t wait to see you there.

I like the idea of a community project.
But i rather work on the Projects, that really interest me. And i was assuming if there is going to be a community project, its gonna be a Platformer, wich is not that interesting to me (even tho, it could be a cool project, if it s a Medroidvania style Game ala hollow knight).
Since i startet with GD, i have the basic funtions worked out for an A-RPG, RTS, TBSG, a fake 3D Sub explorer (aka Flight Simulator) and a Card Game. Exploring the Possibilities of GD. But no Platformers. I assume that direction does not need any further exploration. When i continiue my Backpacktrip, i may share my Projects, so that others, that might be interested in other kinds of game genres, have something to build on. I hope that way i am of help for the GD community.

I fully agree with ddabrahim, that a leading figure is essential, or it will fall into chaos. Somebody with a clear vision of what is to be made and beeing good at sharing that vision to others.
If i would be at home (living in the matrix again) , i even would be willing to occupy that role, which is not the case atm and for the unforseen future. I would like to work on my Skyrim-Like A-RPG for Years with a Team of People, but it is not even that likely that i have internet or a PC in the future.

For a communty project to work, the vision of what game is made needs to be shared with everybody. If there is a major disagreement people will just stop contributing. So the vision of what the game is about (story or mechanics or whatever) needs to be clear and shared by everyone.

That beeing said, i wish you good luck too.

I would love to but I don’t have time at the moment. But in case the project is moving forward, I may be interested to contribute when I have some time.

The way I see this mentality is the opposite of a community project. The source need to be freely available otherwise it is not a community project.

So this is not a community project then but a group of people joined to make a game in other words an indie project.

I think you are making the same mistake like I did. Trying to restrict access and use is not going to help. But you may still succeed and become an indie team/studio of some sort :+1:


Yea you can contribute like Arthuro He is helping us with programs … in his free time…:slightly_smiling_face:

Just come and join here Discord help us when you have time to spare

And um as far I got it is a Community project with extra security I gess which kinda sems like indie project maybe :thinking:

It’s a community project and everyone is allowed to join both new users and old. The discord link is not for a particular group of Devs neither was it made private or something. Anyone is allowed to join but not everyone is allowed to commit to the code if found with bad intentions.

We have to do this to prevent anyone from just coming in messing the code and going out but that’s doesn’t mean it’s and indie project because anyone with a good intention can join

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To be clear, The project is not that “closed”. The repo is public (GitHub - Gdevelop-game/GDevelop-Open-Game: A gta-like game made by the GDevelop community with GDevelop 5), and you can do a PR. Being in the organisation only means that you can make a dev branch and have it on the main repo, or working with mutiple persons on a branch at once.


Sounds more reasonable if you put it this way, wondering why @The_Gem_Dev was give me that reply about people steal the code and be more secure when I asked for a link instead giving me that link. :+1:
So now people can technically steal it :smile: Wondering if this link meant to be shared :joy:

Anyway, my last suggestion would be is when you have something playable share a compiled version on or something so people who don’t actually use GD can play and discover GD that way. Could also bring some talent to the project from an other community who don’t follow GD :+1:

I really don’t want to make a false impression, I am just way too busy now. But now that I have a link to GitHub, I’m going to follow the project there and if I have the time I’ll join :+1:

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I am still understanding how github works sorry for the wrong explanation.

While I don’t have the availability or the skill to help out with this, this is an awesome idea and I wish you all the best of luck.

Excited to see what you all put out.

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I setted up a CI with my latest software (GDexporter) and you can test the current version on master here:


Just to give you guys an update on the community project :cinema:.
So far we have created a player,
Added 2 working guns with sound.
Added some houses and some interiors
We have also added side walks and a road on the outskirts of the map. Soon we would commence building the city 1.
You can join us in building this game right here.
:point_right: Discord :point_left: