GTA - like game (community project)

I am not so sure I should be doing this but I would just give it a try.
I stumbled upon an old topic from 2014 some hours ago (I enjoy reading old forum discussions :grin:)(GD open game project?) it’s about an open game project idea by some gdevelop forum LEGENDS (@ddabrahim, @mats, @Lizard-13, @victor etc.)
In the topic @ddabrahim who brought up the idea of a GTA game mentioned a lot of pros and cons about this idea which I spent the last hour reading. After going through the cons I realised why they weren’t able to achieve this back then in 2014 and that also made me realise why we can achieve this now.
Few gdevelop users
More gdevelop users
They had Gdevelop 4
We have gdevelop 5
They had jobs which made the development slow
We have to stay at home which would be the best time for this.
They talked, planned and dreamt a lot but coded less.
They are still many more but I would stop the comparison here.

We would use most of their ideas which we’re good to prevent a repeatation of history.

Back then they agreed on GTA so that’s what we would be creating.

6 years ago they tried doing this now I think it’s time we try to achieve this.

If you have any reason why this would not work please let me know.


Absolutely! I’m just starting out on GD but I find it simple, powerful, and absolutely amazing!

I think at that time one of the main obstacles was to publicly discuss the working model.

My opinion is there should be a project manager to determine a work model, the tasks to be done and to coordinate deadlines for each task.

If someone commits to that position, the next step you should take is to determine a to-do list and those in charge of each task.

Good luck.

That’s right.
Once we have a certain amount of persons I would create a repository on github to manage the development of the project. But first we need to know those who are Interested in this.

Please join here.
This is to know the total number of users who are interested.
NOTE - they would be some rules later on to make sure this project is achieved.

  • I would love to join the team
  • I don’t want to join the team

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I wouldn’t be interested to be “In the team” but if the project is on GitHub I sure wouldn’t mind doing some PRs here and there and help when I can and am up to :).

Well it’s gonna be on github I would create a repository on it as soon as more users join.

It’s just my opinion, but I think you should just start something (make a basic beginning of game and post it in GitHub with a project description), advertise it (here on the forum, on the discord, maybe on your YT channel) and see if people are interested (begin to join/participate). Then it is just my humble opinion, I am not saying my way is better and you can do however you want, just proposing.

Your right I would create something basic. Also could you help me in running the repository on github once it’s created. Am not so good at using github.:cry:

Uhm sure you can ask me anything if you need help

Thanks. I just created a repository and added you as a collaborator it’s now pending your approval.

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Ok, I accepted it. What do you need help with exactly?

Add me to the repo too if I have some time maybe i can contribute with something my Github is UlisesFreitas

I am in! … …

That’s Great … …

What’s your github username.?

@RTBRuhan… …

I have sent you an invite to join the team on github. It’s pending your approval.

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Done! :smiley:

Now we need need some assets(cars, houses, etc)for our gta like game.