GUI completely messed up after leaving preview mode

I’ve been working on a basic platform game (native Windows format), and have encountered this strange bug. I can preview my game just fine, but when I click the ‘Edition’ button the GUI gets completely messed up, and becomes unusable. I’m using the latest version on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. See screenshot of what my screen looks like below.


I do not even know GD was able to be displayed like it :astonished:
Is the GUI back to normal if you leave and start again the program?

When I close GDevelop at this point I get a Windows error saying “GDevelop has stopped working”, but when I open it again the GUI is back to normal, yes.

I’ll also add - this only happens with this particular project, others seem to work OK.

This is the project causing me the trouble, it might be of interest to you.
My project.7z (358 KB)

The bug is caused by the tilemap object because there are a lot of tiles (3000 in your tileset).
I’m currently working on a fix (should be in the next version which will be released soon).

Ah, I see. Thanks for responding so quickly. I look forward to the next update. In the meantime, I’ll avoid all those pesky tiles!

I’ve sent you by PM a link to download a “fixed” version of GDevelop.

Thanks for that, I’ll test it out when I have the time. I have to say, your responses to bug reports are amazingly fast. It gives me great hope for this project. Keep up the good work.