Gunturret on Boss: one code works one does not

How do I…

I am creating a boss fight. the boss shall receive a gun turret and move with the boss.

What is the expected result

The gun turret spawns with the boss and moves with the boss

What is the actual result

if i use the code where x&y is in one line the gun turret does NOT move with the boss. if i use the code for x&y seperatly, the gunturret moves with the boss but not at the exact point i defined for the turret and i have to adjust with numbers.

Related screenshots

That’s the 2 different way don’t work the same is a weird one. As for it not being at the right spot, are you placing the turret before you move the boss?

Also, my first question when I read your post was why not use the Sticker extension? You then don’t need to worry about the positioning of the gun turret.

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