"Has just fired" condition is faulty

I know it’s a custom condition a user made, but if they’re reading this, can you please fix it?

I have a boss that supposed to play a sound after firing, but all I get is silence. What’s weird is that it works fine with all other bosses. there’s no conflicts what so ever. It’s the condition.

Just so folks on the forums see this, since there was a discussion on the discord:

With it being a user extension, there’s not much we can test with it. Although at a glance I’m not seeing anything weird. It even includes a trigger once in it.

I’d recommend the following:

  1. Convert your wav file to an ogg vorbis .ogg file. Something like this should do the trick: Online OGG converter
  2. Populate all of the parameters for the action (double click it, fill in all of the boxes). I used to see oddness with audio events if the parameters weren’t populated, although I think that’s been fixed since the rework.

Unfortunately, if it works elsewhere but not here, there’s not much guidance we’ll be able to give since events don’t behave differently in different scenes unless there are conflicts.

Like always, reproduce the bug in an new empty project with the STRICT minimum.
And send the project here, we will more aible to give advices after.