Having an issue with music on specific levels

So, I’m trying to get it to play music randomly, on each level, which is does well.

The only issue is that on boss levels (which are indicated by a Global Variable), it doesn’t do this at all, and just continues to play random music.

So either the original generalized randomizing event structure is incorrect (but works anyways), or I’m doing something wrong with having it work on boss levels.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks SO much!

These events do not care if it is a bosslevel or not. Unless boss levels are an entirely new scene (wasn’t clear from the above), any previous instance where musictrack has been set are still set, and threfore it’s just playing whatever that musictrack variable is already set to.

On the boss levels, the Global Variable “bosslevel” is set to 1. On the non-boss levels, it’s set to 0.

The above is an external event that is linked through all levels. (Sorry, I should have specified).

Your events are looking for a scene variable “Bosslevel”, not a global variable.

I’m so dumb. I meant it was a level variable. Sorry… so freaking tired haha.