Having problems with Admob

I’m having problems with Admob, it is reducting my in-app earnings saying that it detected “invalid traffic”, and it recommended that I read their police, so I did it.
There is one part that says that Admob doesn’t allow inserstitials in apps like game interfaces or streaming apps, which makes sense because my game HAS interstitials. But games like Among Us has interstitials too, and they are good, so what is the deal?
PS: Speaking of Admob, banners seems to work bad, as they reduce the screen size of the app, is there is a way to change this?


I am not sure if this is in the right place, but that’s beside the point.

If you’re using Admob and Admob doesn’t allow interstitials, then you’re not allowed to use interstitials. Among Us may be using a different mobile Ad network (Like Chartboost. If you’re wondering, Zynga of Farmville fame uses Chartboost.) Or perhaps, the Among Us devs are also getting their earnings reduced and maybe they’re just too lazy to change that.
So the solution? Switch to a different ad network or remove interstitials. Sorry, no way around it.


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Does Gdevelop supports other ad network other than Admob?