Heart beating no animation

someone know how i can make a sprite like beating like heart??
i mean whitout animation just change size it gradually changes from large to small and from small to large…
i need this animation just 3 or 4 time…

tnk in advance

This thread may be of help to you

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ok let me try…
i already see that tutorial… but i think not is possible repeat more time like a beat…
tnk you for your answer

Hi urkokan, did you scroll down and look at the rest of that thread where there was a screenshot of working events for it? Here’s the result of how I do my tween scaling, I didn’t use a variable like in that solution though but the principle is the same.


tnk for your answer… i do this “ANIMATION??” for a prize in game… if you win a prize… create object go big small big small 2 or 3 time… then delete

okokok that way is correct on my eyes…
frist prize go to big then go to path and at the end small it and destroy
tnk to all

If you use tweens again, you can also have the conditions so that you don’t have to change the values in the conditions if you change the amount of scale. And you could have some other condition to start the tween instead of at the beginning of the scene.

no I was wrong … the solution I posted above worked for a while … but then without making any changes just trying it no longer went well …
in the end my situation and that I have a group with 100 prizes based on the prize you win it should appear and move in a direction that I solved by giving a path so that I can also change it … while the prize moves it gets bigger once it reaches the size … that I put x3 then it decreases until it disappears … but I can’t … sigh

Yes it is. The answer isn’t given to you on a plate there, but it has the technique and mechanism to achieve it.

Because you are repeating for all Prize instances, the event will be fired for all the Prize objects in the scene, over and over again while MovePrize is 1. Is that what you want?

yes because sometime i win 2 or more prize… and for each prize need to beat… when is deleted moveprize = 0

maybe whit variable object i can solve?? is over 200 sprite to modify… have a way to give at all 100 sprite in 1 time a variable object??

Lets see if I properly understand what you want. You have a number of prizes on the screen. These need to move to a set position one at a time, pulsing/beating on the way?

Just set up the events differently, so that all prices go through the cycle of animation automatically.
You don’t even need any scene or object variable.
As soon as a price is created (no matter how many prices you have), it goes through the cycle automatically. So all your prices get animated.

Here’s how to set up the events:

everything is fine tnk you
except that the sprite does not really reach 3 as written in the tween … but that’s what I wanted to achieve …

try this:
set the easing for both tweens to linear, and if you want, then add a second “Wait” before the second tween:

i c ant try gdev not working