Heavy Space Retro

Hi guys this game is not complete, but it is still under development but I want to create this post just to release the updates made in this post.

the style of play is a classic space invaders but my idea is to make it more complex with more levels and modes of play.

I leave you the preview link of the game: lucaproject.itch.io/heavy-space-retro-i

The game is currently in early access and this is only a small preview of the game.

here you find all the updates made : youtube.com/playlist?list=P … lymer=true

Post updating if you have any advice / ideas on how to improve this project are well except the criticisms are well except that they are constructive, I know that as an idea may be unoriginal but I assure you that I play them retro and even if they seem trivial to me it turns out that they are extremely funny because they are within everyone’s reach.

Soon I will also update the game directly with level 2.

Oh I forgot, if you know some good site for retro effects and you want to recommend it just have a public domain license.

Thank you all for the support!

Updates made


Patch Notes 0.04

  • Updated the correct number of enemies for level 1
  • Created level 2
  • Created red enemy with animation
  • Created celestial enemy with animation
  • Created Purple enemy with animation
  • Created the bullets for all 3 enemies
    Level 2 access is now available directly on the site.

Patch Notes 0.03


  • Implemented new buttons for the start page
  • Insert 2 different fonts on the start page
  • Fonts have been implemented and the buttons on the credits page
  • Inserted the energy bar on the game page
  • Inserted the life bar
  • When the bullets impact the ship with the life is climbed
  • Added animation for the main ship
  • Added animation for the blue ship
  • Added animation for the orange ship
  • Added animation for the Green ship
  • Added the score - Added wave
  • Explosions have been implemented for all enemies
  • Added the game over option


Patch Notes 0.02

  • Implemented the start page
  • The projectiles for the main ship have been implemented
  • Implemented the projectiles for the blue ship
  • Implemented the projectiles for the orange ship
  • Implement the keys to move right and left


Patch Notes 0.01

  • The first basic spaceship was implemented
  • Created 3 enemies of different color

Yes, for now it is the same as the classic game, but do not worry about it soon I will make it more original: P.

Not bad.
If you pick the “F” or “CTRG” key for shooting the game could be played with just one hand. When I try to hit “Q” I need to release a movement key.

you know I’m a fan of shooter and the games shooter games are my favorites to move the arrows are quite uncomfortable so to fix this problem now the keys to move to the right is the A and D to move left.

The keys are quite close just to simplify the game.

For now it is too simple to complete but as soon as I enter the time mode the game can be much more difficult.

Thanks anyway for your comment is greatly appreciated: P

It looks great, man!
Love this retro space games (maybe my next project, who knows?) :slight_smile:

A few notes:
1- the “hero” ship must be significant different from the "foe"ones… i mean, totally different, not just a colour thing, you know? Different, unique! :slight_smile:
2- The movement (all scenario) seems fine, pretty cool. Kudos to that!
3- Polish! You must polish this pearl, mate! You know what im talking about: smooth some objects, a better score or hero life system, something like that! :slight_smile:

Old model

New model

Thanks to everyone for the advice yesterday I was to model a different model for the main ship

I hope you like this change the models are not definitive anyway

Tonight I register the further changes made

Great game! Lots of nostalgia feel, and the fact that enemies take several hits to defeat makes it challenging.
I noticed that if you sit and wait the energy bar will regain over it’s maximum and start extending across the screen, also I agree with the previous comment about Q being the fire key, if it was space, or even w it would be easier to hit.
Overall it does it a great job of evoking the feeling of space invaders while having it’s own unique art style.

Hi guys, it’s already been a while that I don’t update this page but the game continues to create my interest so I update it continuously became a lot of fun, and I will take a long time especially to colorize and customize the spaceships.

As always I try to be as precise and detailed as possible, in the description found an exclusive video of the steps made for changes, and also the translated text in English translation, I have to say that everything takes a long time, I hope to further improve the game, and as always I welcome constructive criticism and advice though.

Patch Notes 0.08


  • Added new templates for the first 3 enemies the level 1

  • Added new animations for enemies in the level 1

  • Fixed the colors of lasers for enemies of the first level all 3 models
    Reset all buttons to enemy fire–correctly display bullets for enemies of the first level

  • Added new models of enemies is the main ship that animations were 6 different models of spaceships for level 2

  • Fixed bullet patterns for the ships so as to match the color to the ship for all models-Recreated all focus points for enemies in the level 2

  • Recreated all focus points for enemies in the level 3

  • Added new enemy models both for the animations that for creating the laser, you restored all focus points

  • Created all models for the enemies in the level 4 were implemented all focus points

  • Modified all lasers for enemy spaceships

  • Fixed problem that prevented to change levels

Patch Notes 0.07


  • Fixed display of enemy bullets when they are hit by the main spaceship now is no longer the error that creates a single bullet this correction has been done up to level 4.

  • Correct score spaceships now instead of 20 points for each kill gives 10

  • Added a new scoring system that appears each time you complete a new level

*Due to time problems in this patch there are no new levels, however soon I will update everything with the level 4 of the game.

Patch Notes 0.06


Reservations correction

  • Correct explosion display for Level 3

  • New Game implementations

  • Created new Layer 4 background

  • Added new type of laser for the main ship

  • Added new type of ammunition with laser effect for all spaceships of the game except for kamikaze enemies.

  • New space animated backgrounds for the main page and the 2 credits pages

  • New animated background for Level 1

  • New animated background for Level 2

  • New animated background for Level 3

  • New animated background for level 4

  • New Credits Page added

  • Reservations removals to improve the game

  • Removed old ammunition for all levels of the game

  • Removed the colored buttons from all pages results in a more fluid and better graphics

  • Removed some kamikaze enemies for Level 3

*Level 3 access is now available directly on the site.

Patch Notes 0.05


  • Created a new background for the menu page.
  • The background was also implemented on the credits page.
  • Implemented a new master ship model
  • Corrected the visualization of the lasers now when the ship is hit by an enemy bullet the bullets are created without any kind of problem.
  • Created a different model for when the ship is hit by the enemy bullets.
  • Corrected the order of the enemies now the map is better than the previous.
  • Correct, an error now the display of the projectile for the green enemy is created correctly before it was not displayed.

Looking good, man!
I always think about what i would like to see here… And i know exactly what: the possibility to hit a key, and get somekind of (temporary) shield to my spaceship. A nice feature, right? :slight_smile:
Keep it going, mate!