Heidi Moombootz, Reveal-Trailer

Heidi Moombootz.
It is my first game.

Build a strawberry farm and buy decorations for it. (Top-Down-Perspective)
Find all missing mammoths in 20 levels. (Side-Scroll-Perspective)

I made all art and music by myself (except the font).


Hello, Ambytar!

From the video, it looks like a very well-built game with diverse gameplay! I really liked it! I wish I could give more likes!

You’re definitely an artist! :star_struck: The animals are very cute! :cow: :heart:
Has the game already been completed or is it in the final stages? On which platforms do you intend to publish it?


To be honest, I don’t have an idea how and where to publish this game. Maybe I will even publish the whole game on gd.games. The dream is: I want to see this game on the GDevelop’s “Must-play games” showcase…
This game was actually designed only for my beloved partner and she likes it so much, that she said: “We have to publish it”…

At the moment it supports only keyboard/mouse control (WASD, ZQSD and Arrow-keys).
My family is saying that everybody is playing on mobile phone nowadays, not on PC; but I’m not sure if I want to add touch-support. This game could be a great opportunity for people to learn WASD and ZQSD controls. If this game is published, maybe I will later add touch-controls.

Currently it is in the testing stage and has 2x20 Songs (One can choose between an orchestra-style soundtrack and a retro-style). :slight_smile:


“Heidi Moombootz” will be released in january/2024 on gd.games. :shushing_face:

Edit: Release Date is Wednesday, 24. Jan. 2024, the complete game will be free to play. :slight_smile: