Heir of the Elder Lords: 3rd preview

Hey there, last few months I wasn’t able to work a lot on this project because of actual work, but here’s a new preview with some new stuff and improvements.

New stuff:

  • End-of-stage miniboss
  • More varied environment (~10 new destructible pieces)
  • Animated projectiles
  • Shield prototype (limiting mechanics pending)
  • Friendly energy barriers with destructible generators (not fully exploited yet, but the starting point for active scenery elements)
  • Background star prototype (It’s not very good yet, I slapped it together yesterday late and it’s meant to be Sirius)


  • Improved pace of environment destruction
  • Improved path timing (no sluggish sections anymore, miniboss reached in 7 minutes)
  • Improved projectile collision (by axing their physics, lol, thanks @Gruk !)
  • Better explosion rhythm
  • Nasties target NPC ships
  • Internal optimizations (machinegun, collisions, physics throttling, deletion of objects left behind for good)

All in all, even if I couldn’t devote as much time as I wanted to it, in every iteration I’m feeling more confident in a first alpha release.

Things I absolutely want to have before a first release:

  • Weapon and shield limiting mechanics
  • Finished HUD for the new mechanics
  • Reintroduction of player death animation for the current player model
  • Less wobbly miniboss
  • Start and end of stage messages, even a placeholder
  • Improved background star ( Current one looks like a sticker but I wanted something there)

Laser / Shield limiting mechanic (regenerating energy) and accompanying HUD update.
The black hole HUD widget is different (and functional) now.

In this video I manage to beat the miniboss, I guess I have to make it nastier!

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