Heirs of the Elder Lords: Preview Video

Hey there, here’s an up-to-date preview of the Shoot’Em’Up I’m making.

Some highlights:

-Enemies that explode in parts
-Partial Occlusion laser beam
-Semi-free scrolling
-Destructable environment



Great Shoot’Em Up and very well made!
I love it a lot. It remembers to me old Amiga games of this category.

Can you describe technics used? (physics, etc.)
Specially how did you make video effects on objects destruction?
This game will be played for which platforms?

And congratulations!

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Well, hmmm. Some technical details.

Unfortunately I have never touched an Amiga in my life, BUT the static graphics were made with GrafX2, which is a sort of spiritual successor to Deluxe Paint. The animations were made with Aseprite.

The resolution is 320x240, and there is a grand total of 32 colors, I’m using DawnBringer’s 32 color palette, the particle and transparency effects introduce more colors, yes, but every RGB value used comes from that palette. I’m using that same palette for a different project by another developer in which I’m making the graphics.

I know, I could use larger palettes (or forego palette limitations entirely) and make the game look more realistic, but DB32 is an extremely good general use palette that I’m very comfortable with (I’m in another project which also uses this palette) and for the first game I’m developing on my own I wanted to keep the graphical development as straightforward as possible; a fixed limited palette also unifies the entire thing in terms of color without needing a special effort.

The destructon graphic effects are triggered by thresholds on scenery HP, and the black hole attack uses pinch/bulge layer effects. The scenery is static, and under certain conditions it’s turned dynamic so the pieces can behave as in zero gravity.

So far I’m only thinking of PC for platforms, maybe make a simpler game mode playable directly in the browser as part of the promotion when I reach that point.

The sounds and music are placeholders, they’re the first free assets I found that more or less fit the needs, it’s the first time I put sound to anything.

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this preview looks really cool and the atmosphere that creates is really interesting, congrats!

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Looks rad! Good job :clap:

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Oh wow. Thank you verymuch. :flushed:

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