Hi GDevelopers!

I found out about GDevelop from itch.io’s twitter and now I am here! So, a bit about me:

I am originally from Poland, now living in US and after not pursuing college/university at the “proper age” I am currently finishing a BFA in New Media and Design. While I come from an art background, I tinkered with programming since the QBasic days, but would not call myself a great programmer.

I have been making games for a while now, but not really finishing my projects. This is mostly because of lack of time. Because of that I have decided to make tinier games, so I can actually finish them. You can see some of my finished work on itch and unfinished work on my twitter.

After failing to finish games in PICO-8, Love2D and Pygame I think GDevelop will be breath of fresh air. I played with the free version of Construct2 years ago, so I know I enjoy this simplified programming, but unlike C2, with GDevelop I can always fall back on some coding (I am pretty sure I have read that you can implement methods in java script). Not to mention, that I learn best by example, and GDevelop has tons of those (Thanks to everyone who contributed them!). All in all, GDevelop seems like an awesome tool.

It might take me some time to really start digging into the engine (finals are approaching), but I am excited to make more stuff!

You’re very welcome :smiley:

Welcome to the forum, Von_Bednar.
If you have any questions feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

Will definitely start asking questions soon!
So far I am only going through the various included examples, seeing how stuff works and learning the tool itself :slight_smile: