Hello Again Trouble getting apk sign and ready for google

Hello again,
I’m still having trouble learning how to export from Gdevelop into Android Studio to get it signed. then upload it to google play.

I see few information online and find it hard to follow and hardly no Gdevelop videos.
I try exporting it in different ways and then into Android and Phonegap but anything I try just wont work.
think exporting to android is a problem and getting the right sign apk but really I don’t know what to do or try

it is a bit tricky Im working on it but for some reason something is not working as it should :cry:

Wait, you the guy/girl made this? if so Hello lol, Always wanted to make games but never worked out or even started a team so now I’m going solo, But finding all the computer talk hard lol. So you might see why in different areas then Art I’m struggling with lol. Still a bug I’m guessing, hope you work it out. really want to make something, even got a new computer pen but then I found its harder to export/sign/on google play then it took me to make the game lol. peace

I’m not the developer of Gdevelop, but I was working on a solution and found one, posted in forum, take a look. :smiley: