Hello all =) 100% new to GD5 and will be looking for help soon

Hello, I’m an Indie Dev trying to get their first project off the ground with a potential Demo for crowd funding. I’ve/we’ve been developing our game for a year and 3 months and are ready to begin implementing our assets into our game, and we chose GD5 simply because neither of us are programmers, it’s free, and it won’t have a cut of our crowd funding if we’re uber successful.

You’ll probably be seeing me or my partner float about in the forum getting tips on how to build/tailor our game in the nearest of futures.


Hi, and welcome to the community, hope you enjoy creating games with GD5

Thank you! I hope I will too! Luckily there’s no programming involved so that much is good! xD

Use “Trigger Once” when setting the animations on your Sprites!

:sweat_smile: Just an inside joke… good luck it’s a great tool set.

by the way, its spelled “indie dev”, not “indy dev” :laughing:
good luck with your projects, and have fun with gdevelop, its a really really good engine! :smile:

Maybe he’s making a racing game :sunglasses:

lol, I get the joke :rofl:

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Harr harr harr

Thank you for the correction, I haven’t had to use the word in years in forums hence the misspelling.

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