Hello, an old git here

Hi guys, thought I would introduce myself. I have been coding and making games for 40 years, I have released games into the public domain on the Spectrum, Amiga and now the PC in so many different languages. I discovered G Develop by accident and thought I would give it a go and so far I am really enjoying it and actually have something running although not complete which is unheard off.

I am also a 3D artist and very experienced in MAX so feel free to hook me up if you need help with it…


Amiga was my first love :blush:

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Still have a 4000 and a 1200 in the loft

Hi welcome to the GD community, I hope you enjoy doing games.

I enjoy making games, think I have released over 30 into the public domain over the years. I am currently working on a Cauldron 1/2 remake / rehash