Hello everybody, im new around here

Hi all who is reading! Im new to this. I found GDevelop through youtube, and it immediatly looked interesting. I have a dream for a long time to make videogames. I dont know how to code, I dont know hot to create sprites and most definitly I dont know how to engineer sounds :slight_smile: but still… dreams never die and i am motivated. Im wondering what are the limitations of GDevelop? I have a couple of ideas of games. All of them are turn based, with random map generators. Im asking somebody who has experience with this program. that is it feasable to make these kind of games?

One is a turn based racing game, where I would like the game to make random racing tracks, for hotseat gaming.

One is a menu driven survival game with a post apocalyptic vibe to it. For that I would like to use real world maps, like google maps kinda thing.

One is a dungeon crawler with randomized maze.

One is a SWAT based tactical game

All of the above games would use an rpg system aswell.

Anyway… Im willing to learn things if you guys/girls could point me to the right direction. Im happy to be part of the community, even if I am amateur as f.ck :smiley: Hopefully I will be able to make these games and make somebody around the world have a good time with them.


Welcome! If you are completely new to game development, Gdevelop is a great engine to start with. I’ve been using it for over a year myself, and wouldn’t use anything else. I’ve tried a tonne of engines over the years, but nothing compares to the sheer ease of use GDevelop has.

If you want to get elbow deep in the engine, in my opinion, the best place to start is the written tutorials in the Gdevelop wiki. This will go through all of the fundamentals you will need to make any 2D game. The platformer tutorial is usually a good starting point.

The games you want to make are certainly doable with GDevelop (not sure about Google map integration though as that would be tricky in any engine) but I would urge you to make a few small projects first before diving deep into one of your passion projects.

As for limitations, being a html5 engine can have it’s caveats. Mobile performance lacks behind native, but I’ve seen a few android games made with the engine that work flawlessly.

Also, currently the engine does not have built in shadow or lighting support out of the box.

But in saying that, the community keeps growing and new features are always being added. The lead developer is very active and the contributors appear very passionate about the future of GDevelop.

Also, if you haven’t already, head over to the Gdevelop discord. It’s a good place to ask questions and is quite active.

Thanks for the heads up man! I appreciate it. I was looking already into the tutorials, but none of them explains to me, how i can make forinstance a turn based system. Also i dont use discord at all. I know it would make things easier, its just not for me. About that google map thing, that was just an example. Do you think I could use like a simple roadmap of a country, continent as a background and put on it interactive points? Also as you can see my jargon is not that high, so some things are just uncomprehensible for me. I was using very very long time ago Click and play (or what was its name) where I made a very small game, but GDevelop looks so user friendly. And I like it so far. Im practicing making piskels now, but i dont understand why is that, that I save things offline, and after that I cannot load them. But if I save the things i done in PNG, I can load them

Hey, welcome! I hope you will enjoy GDevelop as much as we do. Here is a useful link for beginners:
Basic game making concepts: What you need to know to start with GDevelop [GDevelop wiki]. It’s for understanding how to use GDevelop.
Your games sound feasible but a bit tidious. You should start with little projects first to familiarize yourself better. Also take a look at the examples to see what correct code look like and inspire yourself from it.

Things like turn based systems need careful design to work effectively. Having a grasp of how events work along with timers and variables will aid you in making a functioning system.

I’ve seen a youtube tutorial that demonstrates how to make a basic turn based system which could give you some insight on how to approach such a task. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DsB59M4mt8

Also i dont use discord at all. I know it would make things easier, its just not for me.

If using voice-chat is your concern with discord, the discord channel is text only. There is also a mobile app for it, which is what I use so I can ‘nerd-it-up’ on the go :stuck_out_tongue:

but i dont understand why is that, that I save things offline, and after that I cannot load them. But if I save the things i done in PNG, I can load them

When using the Piskel app in Gdevelop, use the save buttons at the top of the window. These are the buttons integrated with Gdevelop. If you use the save buttons on the right hand side, this will save the files as .piskel files which are the format for the pixel editor. If you save this way, you will need to use the import button to load the .piskel file.

Thank you very much. I was trying to make these games in a modular fashion… First try to get the subsystems to work with very basic projects, and then try to mix it all together. If this makes sense

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oooook. That was my problem. I used only the right hand side buttons :slight_smile: makes more sense now