Hello, everybody!

I discovered GDevelop a few days ago so I thought I’d join the community.

I’ve never actually created a game from scratch, but I have been editing and modding games for nearly 20 years (DOOM, Quake, Worms, etc). I also have programming experience, but nothing game related.

I look forward to learning more about GDevelop and getting to know you all.


Later, I realized that these games, roughly speaking, no one needs

I understand. Most of my work was for my own personal amusement, but I learned a lot about how games are created and organized. I’d rather hack on games than actually play them :wink:

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Do what you like the most:) I’m sure most people(who don’t really like that genre) wouldn’t mind sprites which are anime-styled, or you can go for a cartoon-anime mix kind of art.

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@L_e_m_o_n_T_e_a - If you spend all your time worrying about haters you’ll never get your anime-style sprites done :stuck_out_tongue: I see no reason why that style of artwork wouldn’t go great with the game you described, so I say go for it and let the haters hate.