Hello everyone. An old artist and beginner at game dev here!

Hi, My name is Leo.
I’m a freelance illustrator who’s got a white beard! Am I too old to get into GDevelop? I hope not! I’ve been trying to learn game making since Blitz Basic on the Amiga and it’s only since discovering GDevelop that I’ve found an ‘in’ in terms of ease of use. I did a couple of tutorials and was delighted to find that I actually understood most of what I was doing! I have a specific, and quite unusual, project in mind to create an online children’s magazine with interactive elements and simple games. From messing about a bit I reckon GDevelop is just the ticket. (I’m completely open to anyone advising me otherwise!)
I look forward to being a part of the community and making my small dream come true.


Hi welcome to the community Leo👋

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There is no age to get into GDevelop :slight_smile:

While it may not be the perfect tool, if you are comfortable with it, it’s all that matters.

Good luck for your project, and welcome to the GDevelop community!

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Wellcome Leo!

Me too i am no more very young and me also come from Amiga then PC (PureBasic, a french software, Amos the Creator french too, AmigaE, etc.)
I have always my old Amiga1200 but i don’t use it nowaday.

Good luck for your project!


Thank you for your kind welcomes.
Amigo54, Great to see another less than young here. I wish I’d kept my old Amiga, such fond memories and wasted time flipping floppies to load giant games. I had Amos too at one time.
I’m learning GDevelop. Followed a few tutorials but I keep going off on my own path… kind of in a good way. I always want to use my own art so I flip to my paint program, Clip Studio, to make art and bring it back into the tutorial, constantly testing what is possible, sizing, animation, etc. All the time having ideas that I then try in layout and events. I’m having such fun!:smile:

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