Hello Everyone and greetings from Finland!

Like the headline says, hello everyone here at the GDev forums. I am Tuukkis (not my actual name) and I just discovered Gdev a few weeks ago. I already made a base for my first game. I have a few issues already, but I will take those issues to the actual troubleshooting forum.

I am a hobbyist illustrator with a passion for music, games and anything motor related. Everything I have in my games is drawn by hand and I always try to create a unique artstyle and fluid animation.

I have heard about Gdev’s limitations, and I am willing to blow those limitations away with clever planning and somewhat weird ways.

Anyway, thank you for reading (if you made it all the way here, have a virtual cookie)



this is a gamedev community. if you think 9 lines of text is to much to ask of our attentionspan, then you are not familiar with gamedevelopment, lol.

hi and welcome!
I myself am also more of an artist then a programmer, but Gdevelop is a nice bridge and enabled me to make games on my own.

i hope you enjoy you time making games, i am already curious to how you games gonna look.

Thanks, and yeah, it might have been a bad joke to start with.

Welcome aboard!!!