Hello Everyone!

My name is Steve Dean, I’m a freelance writer from Nottingham in the UK. I’ve written material for video games but I decided to have a go at making my own full game. I can’t code, except in an obscure language called Cobol, so I turned to GDevelop. I really enjoyed creating my game, so much so I’ve already started on another!
Although I haven’t been using it long, I’ll try and help people where I can.

I want to thank Florian and anyone else who helped create this wonderful program, and I’ll be sure to remember you when my game is successful! :slight_smile:



Hi Steve, welcome to the community. :slight_smile:
I think your knowledge about Cobol should make it easier for you to get started with GDevelop since you already have the knowledge about the structure of an application (variables, loops, etc). It doesn’t really matter if it is a written programming language or a visual one.

Hello Wendigo! Thanks for the warm welcome and positive comments. :smiley: