Hello everyone!

I’m Johan and I’ve finally decided to give my dream of developing games a try. Instead of going the perfectionist rout (3d-multiplayer game as my first game!) I’ve decided to start with this nice piece of software that is Gdevelop.

I’m 36 years old and situated in Sweden. I love tacos, cats and zombies. I know that makes me sound a bit creepy, but that’s ok :slight_smile:

Looking forward to helping people (as soon as I’ve learned anything useful :wink:).



Very welcome :smiley:

Any plan to make a game where you’ve to protect innocent zombies from giant cats attacks? :laughing:

Thank you! And that’s actually an awesome idé! :wink: :smiley:

Hello, and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello and Welcome, I’m quite new here myself.

I live in Nottingham in the UK and like science fiction, technology and cheesecake.