Hello from an aspiring game/software dev!

Hi everyone! My name’s Parrotastic, but you can call me Parrot.:parrot:

I’ve been playing video games since I was about four, and began getting my hands dirty with coding text-based games at about eleven. I used to love ditching class to go to the next town to play in the arcade. Anyone remember Tilt? XD

I recently graduated with my BS specializing in Software Development, also took part in some cybersecurity stuff along the way… which was pretty fun! I’m now taking on my very first game jam(Gamedev.js 2023), so it’s kinda exciting, but it feels like there’s a lot to learn.

But yeah! Enough about me, it’s a pleasure to meet you all!



Welcome to GDevelop! :laughing:

We look forward to see what you create. :star_struck: