Hello from Magicsofa!

Hi everyone, I’m Magicsofa… this year I finally decided to look for a new platform after many years of experience with BYOND. After researching some options I landed on GDevelop, and so far I’ve been quite pleased… I hadn’t used an events sheet since the good old days of Klik & Play and The Games Factory! Anyway the forum has been really helpful in the learning process so I figured I’d say hey and thanks to everyone who asks and answers questions!

My first project is on itch if anyone wants to check it out:



Hi Magicsofa, great to see you here! Yeah haha, there’s so much to be learned on these forums from the questions and answers already there, such a great resource.

I’ve never heard of Byond, what were the limitations of it that made you look for an alternative?

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I love your game, super fun and cute.

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The main limitation for me was that it can’t be deployed in-browser (yet). It is actually a really cool platform, and its main strength is that multiplayer functionality is built in! But it’s very old and currently maintained by only one mad genius who is doing their best to update the software without breaking all its old bones. There was a webclient at one point, but it had so many problems that it was abandoned for a while. Now I guess there’s plans to revisit it, but in any case I was drawn to GD for the ability to get something running in browser so quickly.

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Thanks for playing and commenting on itch, really appreciate it!