Hello game makers! Looking for someone!

Hi there!

I’m in to pixel, or not, 2d game!

I’ve been in Unity, but don’t have much time to learn C#, so I tried Construct 2 (the free version wich is very limited)… So I’ve discored GDevelop 5 and UAU! What a game engine for free.

I’ve been learning with the tutorials that I found, but I still got a lot ahead.

I can say that I’m, not very good, but good in the Art GFX, it’s just a matter of time, wich I don’t have because of my job.

So I was wondering if there is anyone there to join me for a Game to perhaps start a very good project!

if you are that one, reply me!



Welcome :slight_smile:
What kind of game are you looking at/for?
Right now, I’m still working on my current project (Jukade, GFX skills needed if you’re interested) and I’m looking for ideas for the next one (I’d like to find an interesting concept for a coop game on a shared screen).

I am intrested to work with you.But further we do which type of game you want to work.?

If you have already few images of your work I think it can be helpful for peoples.
And i’am curious to see what peoples do :slightly_smiling_face: