Hello GDevelop Community

Hello there everybody!

I’m an aspiring game designer/developer. One of my greatest inspirations is Final Fantasy, due to their impacting stories, resonant characters, fantastic world building, and due to the way they revolutionized the JRPG market worldwide.

I have literally NO programming skill whatsoever. I started using GDevelop as a way to create rough drafts of game concepts and ideas that I would love to someday see fully realized by a larger team (currently I work alone).

In the future I would love to create the kind of games that made me fall in love with gaming, games like Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Megaman, etc.

Currently, I am working on my first ever game, a Hack’n’slash platformer.

FUN FACT: The online monicker I usually use is “TheDoorman32”, but due to my apparently poor keyboarding skills, I am now “TheDoorman21”

Welcome!.. and sorry about the name, in the wiki I’m Lizard-14 :laughing:



Hi bro, I’m new to the Gdevelop, can you please help to build my game🙋🏻‍♂️