Hello GDevelop community!

Hi everybody!

Back in highschool, I used to use a program called scratch that would open my eyes to what we call coding. I used it every day and started to prepare my self for the scary part of coding, but it was too hard for little me so I just went back to scratch. :sleepy:

At this point in time, I was bored of the finite things scratch could be used for, and just stopped using computers at all. I started to get back into games and social media but I wasn’t aware of the new tools I could use to create games.

I stumbled upon a couple videos of construct 3, but it’s price tag put me off. That’s how I found GDevelop, and used it for a while, loving it. It is basically a free version of construct 3 and is community focused.

I just made an account and I am very happy to be here. I’m 16 and would love to speak with you all and even maybe help some of you. Thanks to this tool I’ve connected with people again and just had so much fun, even in the little time I’ve been here.

I hope to see you all around, thanks again! (hopefully you don’t treat this as my life story I am much more interesting I swear)


Welcome and looking forward for any piece of advice you can give. Always good to learn new ways for making things.

Welcome to GDevelop and the community fellow 16 years old! Hope you’ll have a great time here as well as I do :hugs:

Hi I am Gamingnuke of Gaming Nuke Explosively Fun Games, I hate coding I started using blitz basic and then click and play and then rpg maker and then game maker and then Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and now finally Gdevelop 5.
Also I turn 31 this year on May the 25th

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I remember when I was something about 13 and I discovered The Games Factory (old precursor of Clickteam Fusion 2.5).

It was like a dream comes true for me, but unfortunately the lack of help and guidance how to use this program forced me to stop. It was too difficult and I didn’t understand English at that moment, so I couldn’t make any interesting games. Only something very, very simple.

Now I’m almost 32 and year ago I decided to learn Python. Programming moved me close to my old dream again - making my own game.

Python is really nice programming language, but it will take me quite a long time to code any game. I’m not ready for that and I think Python isn’t the best option for the game development. So I was looking for something simple, what could me start making my first games immediately… and I found GDevelop. :slight_smile:

I love how simple, powerful and flexible it is. Every day I discover new possibilities and learn how to make more advanced stuff. Thanks for give us this amazing tool!