Hello guys! I'm new and I'm ready to rumble

I have yet to post one of these introduction threads yet. My name is Wilmer, I am a blogger from Sweden under the alias Medelsvensson, which means like “Average joe” in Swedish. I write about the struggle of addiction and breaking free, politics, social issues and the internet. I recently upped my game and got a dedicated blog-space at a self-hosted domain where I had great response on my latest article about how some people (kids), are more likely to end up addicted than others, and how a lack of dopamine can contribute to this. I’m not gonna link it, because I’m not a self-promoting attention-w***e. Excuse my french… (haha get it? Because the other half of the community is french??? No? Ok…)

Anyhow. I used to be a very avid video-gamer, but now I mostly play RimWorld and the occasional game of CS:GO (LEM rank). I have also struggled severely with video-game addiction in my past, which is why I only have a Linux computer and no gaming devices in my apartment (I play CS at an internet cafe). I used to mod Warcraft III back in the day. And I have been web-mastering in my youth. So I am familiar with these kinds of software and some coding. The Warcraft III world editor used a very similar “event-condition-action” system.

I’m going to be posting a dev-blog on my project later, but I just wanted to give an basic introduction to the forum. I have gotten great help so far and I really enjoy being here with you guys. Cheers! :wink:

Welcome!.. officialy :slight_smile:
I linke to play CS too (but I love CS:CZ instead), and I’ve used the Warcraft 3 world editor too :astonished: , playing with the actions trigger editor, I’ve even written a “simple” Blender → WC3 model exporter some years ago :unamused:

Hello and welcome;)