Hello Help Needed

I have taken on the task of preparing some online learning materials that will be free for all. I am testing out different software trying to find something that can help rapidly develop the educational games I need.

If anyone is willing to volunteer to help I would appreciate it considerably. As stated the purpose is to teach language using games. My idea is something simple like a timer that lets people try to guess the answer in a certain time but if they do not then the answer is given. I would like to do it in a visual way.

Thank you to anyone willing to help.

So are you trying to make something similar to Who Wants to be a Millionaire type of game with questions and answers? Also memory, concentration, math, gramma games for education maybe?

So what kind of help you looking for?
Do you need explanation how to do it in GDevelop, or you need volunteers to help to get the actual game done?

In case you need only explanation how to do something, you need to be more specific about your problem.

In case you are looking for volunteers, we need to know more about the situation.
What could you bring to the project?
Could you bring the actual content such as art, images and sounds?
How and where the game would be published? Google play, on a website as HTML5 game or free download?
The game would be done on behalf some kind of organization, part of existing educational project or to make educational games is just an idea that you have?

Keeping it simple:

  1. The project is something that a minority community requires because language resources are thin. I may be working with local church communities and associated groups.
  2. I am the Developer and Producer of the project
  3. The help I require is purely Voluntary without any expectation to be reimbursed, compensated, paid, or to otherwise enter any transaction direct or indirect, related or unrelated with this project.
  4. My participation is also Voluntary and I will not be charging anyone for anything.
  5. I will take whatever is developed together and customize it, add content to it and then copyright it. I do not expect any participants in any function to claim royalties or any other payments for anything related to the project.
  6. My background is a musician with some 2D texture art experience for Runesword II project.

The Game Engine should function as follows:

  1. User selects category (can be done externally as a call to the game eg. present content for Alphabet A-F)
  2. Page/ Game loads with Description and Title of Content
  3. Start Button Pressed
  4. The first item is presented: let’s say letter A
  5. A colourful timer is presented that counts down - circular with a % sign in that time the user is expected to say the letter
  6. Timer runs out and the audio/multimedia file is played demonstrating how to say the letter A
  7. User can click on a button to repeat the audio/media or go BACK - NEXT
  8. NEXT move on to the letter B or the sequence for Alphabet A-F (If user does nothing then engine keeps moving next after 30 sec of not action on screen)

Random Exclusion Functionality will be a bonus so that in a list of items
1-20 items the data will be presented randomly but without repeats.

So that is what I wanted to do. While it is easier to set something up for Desktop computers, I was hoping to make something more colorful and enjoyable through this game making software.

:astonished: Are you serious :confused:
So it would be Voluntary but you don’t name the project or organization or group it would be initiated by/to, and YOU would be the producer and YOU would copyright the game by the end and just MAY BE you would work with local church communities and groups if not then would YOU publish the game as yours and keep all the rights? :mrgreen:

Good luck with that :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t get me wrong but if it would be for the benefit of a local or online community for real and it would be free and voluntary it should be initiated by a non-profit group, organization as part of a non-profit project or something not just YOU go around and ask for volunteers with such conditions. :imp:

The software will be copyrighted because I require it to be so, to prevent copycat projects. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take the software and uses it as you wish. But the copyrighted program I am talking about will have a significant amount of learning material and all of it is copyrighted from the start. As I understand it the MIT license allows anyone to use the software and to customize it. But in this case the content and the software together will be copyrighted once customized. There is nothing stopping you for instance in taking the software making content for it and copyrighting it. It is like gDevelop and it’s license whereby the software is protected but the things made with it belong to those that make it. The software I am suggesting is the engine which can be used by anyone to make what they want out of it within the open source context.

So do you dont need volunteers, you need WORKERS !!

Basically what he was asking for is an open-source project that anyone can use for any purposes which is fine if someone planning to make and share such open-source project anyway or it would be for the benefit for a community for real and would be non-profit , but asking for volunteers to develop an open-source project and share it such way that he can use even for commercial purposes without any royalties and credit to the original developers, I don’t know where did he get this idea from…

If this is about quizzs, survey monkey is the best answer.
Easy to deploy, easy to make, easy to manage.

You can also “easily” obtain a more original result with classic HTML5 coding.
Needs more personal work, but still achievable.

GD could also do it… …except the database part, since there is no simple way to link a GD project to an external software.