Hello! I decided to try out GDevelop for my second game.

Hello :slight_smile:

I started developing my second game project recently. I used UE4 for my first game, but it’s probably too big for the kind of games I’d like to make, so now I’m trying other variants, including GDevelop. I’ve drawn some assets for the game to create parallax background. I have to admit that creating parallax background here was about twice faster than blueprinting in Unreal Engine. Now I just need to know if GDevelop supports all features I’ll require to finalize the game. If it is, It would be great! Looking forward to learn more while keep devoloping my game :slight_smile:

By the way, here is the parallax background I was talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muTqBT2C1ZQ

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Hello !

Really nice parallax effect and graphics ! Don’t hesitate to ask questions about features you have in mind!

Thank you!

For now I can only tell this game will be fast paced action with high-speed running involved. Not an endless runner, as the movement will be fully controlled. Character will be able to accelerate to high speeds and chase vehicles on foot. This movement will be inertial, so decelerating will take time. Character will be able to fall down if he will trip over while moving. The game will involve jumping and shoothing in different directions as well. Obriously, levels will be quite large and require a lot of different 2D sprites for levels.

I’m sorry, but it appears that GDevelop cannot provide me with all tools required to develop the game. I diceded to use UE4 for the second game too. But I think I’ll keep an eye on GDevelop and make some experiments in it. I wish you best luck, see you :slight_smile:

May I ask what is missing in GDevelop?


Sure. Well, there is number of things that I find uncomfortable (as I’m a visual scripter, not a classic programmer). Variables renaming is purely manual, the is no easy way to narrow down the bug searching with print screens, there is no node-based system for visual scripting.

To be honest, when trying GDevelop I was hoping to see something very close to Paper 2D UE4 :slight_smile: