Hello! I'm a begginer solo dev trying to make my first game!

Hello there! I’m Visual Shock, a newbie solo dev from Brazil who is working on a 2D platforming game based on popular titles from the Genesis/Mega Drive era. I just finished my video game development course and I can’t wait to show what I created so far!

I’ve been dreaming of making my own games since I was a kid in the 90s and Gdevelop was an amazing and easy to use tool that made this wish come true. My work is still on an Alpha stage, but I would love to hear your opinions and feedback about the art, spritework and other things I’ve created!

Thank you in advance,


Welcome, VISUAL_SHOCK! :vulcan_salute:

I would love to take a look! Share when you can!


Thanks a lot for the warm welcome! Glad to see another brazilian here. :grinning:

I will open a new topic about the game soon and share what I made. I hope you like it!

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