Hello, I'm Arthur

Just realized I never introduced myself :thinking:

Well, hello, my name is Arthur, and I like GDevelop very much (not because I use it much but because of the concept and the background). I am currently working on a multiplayer extension, and also plan to try to implement some things like steam API or 3d support in the engine. I am pretty experienced with programming so you can always ask me questions about it if you want! I am already here since some time, and know already much about the internals of the engine, but this doesn’t mean I think I am better than other people in GDevelop in general.
I speak more or less fluently French and German.

I hope everybody here has a great day, and that GDevelop will continue like it is.


Um…Hello Arthuro555.Can I ask for help is privet message

Uuuhh Yes I guess but I am not the person who knows the most of GDevelop, so why don’t you create a normal post so other person can help you? If you want help from me in particular just ping me like this @arthuro555.

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