Hello, I'm New Here

Good day, to you all who and any who read this.

I’m Matt,
I’m 32 years young I have been Married since I was 18, i have 4 Beautiful Girls, and one on the way.
I have messed with a few other game engines.
I used Game Maker 1.4 for a long time, then i started to look at other engines to learn better, that lead me to learn Ruby for a while so I could use, DragonRuby GTK i built the most games with this engine and I got a good handle with this, but i wanted to work with a bit better interface and more of a Gui
I just barley touched the start of gdot, for some reason i just never got invested in to it.
I found the interface of Gdev to be super nice and im really excited to mess with this Engine, more and more, I have made a super simple clicker game that i plan to use as promotion for a company i’m working with, i can share the link a bit later, but its still under wraps for now.
if you want to see the projects I have made with DragonRuby, you can find my work at

A few of the games, I plan to remake with Gdev,



:wave: Great to have you here!

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