Hello! I'm newbie here and need some feedbacks

Hello there! I’m a newbie here and i need some feedbacks, advices for my game development. If you want to play my game here it is the link: Black Orb on Ladder | Play on Liluo.io


Nice sound/audio and visuals - I particularly like the soundtrack, but never heard much past the bit where the cello kicks in :frowning:.

Is it an endless runner type game, but instead of running you’re climbing and jumping between ladders collecting coins? I’m only asking 'cos I’m an unco and kept dying after a dozen or so ladders, and I don’t know if there’s an end goal.

You may want to consider staggering and building up the difficulty. Just something that teaches as the game progresses. Unless the objective is to make it hard from the start. Remember you’ve probably play tested the game a lot during development, so the levels may seem easy to you as you’ve got a lot more game experience than newbie.

Other than that, it’s looking pretty polished already. Well done :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback. Very useful for my game improvement :blush: :blush:

Hi Lanting, well done, great effort. Like MrMen I am very unco-ordinated with platformer controls. My usual strategy is to just press most buttons over and over and hope something good happens. Didn’t work with your game, haha, so I didn’t get far (three ladders, :disappointed:).

Are they pencils that the player falls on? Very nice idea. You could expand on that theme and have the other items stationery themed. Like a platformer in a pencil box/case.

My other feedback is that because the player controls are keyboard based, it would streamline things for the player, (especially the bad ones) if there was an option for the Play Again to be done with a keyboard key instead of reaching for the mouse.

Thanks for your feedbacks :blush: I’m considering to add keyboard shortcut in the next update :blush:

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