Hello! New to Gdevelop

Wow. I have been searching for something like this for a long time. I had all but given up!
The fact it’s free is even better! (thanks for that Gdev folks!).
I have tried Construct 2 (couldn’t get a feel for it) and Gamemaker (couldn’t understand the programming language side of things, the drag and drop was lacklustre).

I have never been so excited to be starting to make games for release on PC.
I have been heavily involved in the retro games dev scene, primarily for the Amiga computer and have attached a screenshot of a game I am co-creating at the moment, but I need to move over to PC, that’s where my plans are taking me.



sounds cool to me good luck

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Welcome to the community. Best of luck with GDevelop and your current project. Looks really cool :smiley:

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Welcome! :smiley:
And as you know: “Only Amiga made it!” :blush:

The picture of your game seems to be an image of an old game of Team17, the game enterprise.
This promises to be a great and beautiful game!

Welcome to th community, nice assets.