Hello Point and Click/Visual Novel/MotionComic Developer

Hi. I am working with TyranoBuilder, Renpy and Motion Artist. I want to take things a bit further and make them into Point N Click type games. I like Flash games such as Rizzouli and Isles, Scene of the Crime. I have Intel xDK. I want to develop for Android. Here is what I am working with now, made with TyranoBuilder. There is another example on that page made with MotionArtist.


I am bogged with the limitations of softwares. Each one is lacking in some respect. For example, Renpy cant use animated sprites, so I can make spiffy HOG games. It will make HOG, but lacks a bit. Same way with all the others.

I think Gdevelop can answer all the issues you faced : there are no such limitations in GD !

Animated sprite are fully usable, you can control every part of the UI creating a nice responsive design for any devices, you can create invisible collision masks easily for your point and click and manage the depth of move of your character easily by using dynamic scaling. And of course you can export through intel XDK !

There many other things available like using variables and advanced structures, so you can imagine to create an inventory, use drag and drop features, etc.

GDevelop should be able to accomplish what you want. Feel free to ask questions here on the forum and last of all…

Welcome ! :smiley:

Thanks for the replies. When I export to a local folder on my windows machine… I’ll try to click the index file to run a project, such as the beginner tutorial. All I get is a grey blank screen.

I am a “hacker” type of coder. Meaning I dont know how to code at all hardly… just some HTML tags… I’ve made websites back in the day… before CSS etc.

Well… I want something to make mini games to run in TyranoBuilder. TyranoBuilder supposedly can run javascript/HTML5… only a few people (like 1 guy) has done so. My goal is point and click, visual novel type games. MotionComics, but with added elements of choice.

Anyways… I need help getting to square 1! Before I give up and try another engine.


Its a very basic engine, very limitated, but can be more if somebody want to help me.
If from Mexico.