Hello there & some questions

Hello, all.

May thanks go to the developers and all who have contributed to GDevelop.

GDevelop, as it looks impressive indeed, seems to me like a very good and accessible game engine, with all sorts of handy built-in tools, where one may still advance to more traditional scripting. This is a part of the reason why I consider using it.

Simultaneously I do not know if I will use it, because I still have questions about it. I was going to the “How to…” section of the forum to ask them, but I suppose I may as well post it here. (If a moderator thinks it is better to put the questions part in the “How to…” section, maybe he or she will properly split this post.)

Here are some of my questions:
(i) can internationalization be done easily in GDevelop?
(ii) is the software totally offline?
(iii) how efficient are the produced executables?
(iv) are there things such as obfuscation, compression, and so forth, for the final product?
(v) will other languages be directly supported in the future as an alternative to Javascript?

Some extra words or explanation about these questions:
′(i) Not only am I interested in whether it is possible and how, but also in the difficulty of it. If an easy direct option for this does not exist for GDevelop, then how much working around would it take to include more than language?
′(ii) It may be that I will not be online at certain moments, while it must still operate offline.

Thanks for all the help you can give me.

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In a nutshell:

Internationalisation : you have to come up with a system for your game by yourself for now
Offline: yes totally. Only one click export to Android/desktop need a connection. You can also export manually offline.
Efficient: hard to tell. Game engine should support most 2d software. Events are compiled to JavaScript, which is JIT compiled by modern js engines.
Obfuscation: no built-in. You can use minifiers by yourself if you wish for JS. Events are compiled though so can’t be extracted from game.
Other languages: not sure, JS is very versatile and approachable. In the future, might include languages compiling to webassembly or JavaScript. But you have to get a very compelling and strong use case because I’m not sure it’s worth it?