Hello there, this is my game - Vericu Joyride

Hello everyone, my name is Jhon and this is my game called Vericu joyride, it is published on Google play, i deffinetly have a lot more to improve when comes to design but my first target was functionality, i have achievements, a store where you can buy with real money, a list with cars to buy, upgrades, promocodes, ads in game, buy everything and over a certain amount you get rid of ads, if you die you can watch an ad and continue, i am pretty proud of what i achieved judging by the fact that this is my second game made from scratch.
Take a look and feel free to give me some advices: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vericu.joyride&hl=ro&gl=US , (Vericu joyride on Magazin Play)
Also i am happy to help others to make some functionalities.


Fantastic! I think you did a great job and should be really proud. I’ll have to check it out more when I get home, I couldn’t spend too long on it at the moment.

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Thank you, i really apreciate that! :heart_eyes:

I like the graphics, very neat!

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Thanks, this means that im on a good way.

This is fantastic! Happy to see this wonderful app!

If you are planning to increase it a notch, please consider:

  1. Using artwork which is of similar style. It will make this game feel better.
  2. Including small animation effects such as smoke coming out of the exhaust.
  3. Using buttons which are stylistically similar to rest of the artwork.


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Appreciate, i will work to improve my skills, thanks.