Hello there!

Hi! I’m part of my school’s Student Technology Leadership Program, and I decided to try competing in the game developing event. This is my first time, so I’m a little nervous, but also pretty excited.

I’m a fan of games with good stories such as Undertale and Physconauts. Besides video games, I also enjoy drawing (Though I’m not great at it), role playing, and reading web comics. You may have noticed from my profile image that I’m a Homestuck fan. :smiley:



Awkwardly throws down a smoke bomb and runs off


That’s cool! After the event, tell us how did you succeed and what you made in the game developing event! :smiley:
And welcome!

Thanks! I’ll be sure to do that. :smiley:

Cool and good luck to you in the event :slight_smile:

Your name reminds me of Skylarking and what a great piece of music it is. :bulb:
Welcome! :slight_smile:

Thank you both! I haven’t heard Skylarking, but I’ll give it a listen some time. :slight_smile: