Hello there :)

Hi, I am interested in creating mobile games and I am deciding between two engines - GDevelop and Godot. Since I’m not much of a programmer (only know basics of python/c++) this one looks much better for me, but it looks that Godot is updated more frequently and has bigger community. So I would like to ask some questions that might help me to choose :slight_smile:

  1. Is this engine still getting updates?
  2. Is it possible to create bug-free simple games like flappy bird/color switch (with character selections, reward videos, In-app purchases…) in this engine?
  3. GDevelop 5 will support only 64bit windows or 32bit too?

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. the IDE of the engine is being rewritten from scratch to offer better cross platform compatibility it is constantly developed right now along with some online features planned but no new core features planned to my knowledge, check out the roadmap.

  2. Yes, the core engine of GDevelop is pretty solid and reliable

  3. The bad news is, the new version does not export to Windows at the moment and the old version in my personal opinion is old and outdated I can’t personally recommend it but you can export HTML5 and wrap the HTML5 in to a 32bit and 64bit Windows executable if you want. It should be not a problem.

I’m going to be straight, Godot has better mobile support you might want to consider that but GDevelop is very easy and fun to use and you can export to mobile but some people having hard time with it while others did successfully published games on Android. If you think coding is not for you, I recommend to try GDevelop and see for your self if it fit your needs or not. If you are new to game development you won’t find a more friendly tool than GDevelop to get started.

Thank you for the answer :slight_smile: but I didn’t understard

  1. The new version you are talking about is Gdevelop 5, right?
  2. You mean create a project in website and then launch it in GDevelop 4? Because when I try to install GDevelop 5 it says 64bit required.
  1. yes GD5
  2. no i mean 3rd party tools. I don’t recommend using GD4 because it won’t be updated any more. At the moment GD4 and GD5 is compatible but there is no guarantee it is going to remain like that. I don’t know about 64 and 32bit compatibility all I’m saying if you have the HTML5 game exported from GD5 you should be able to wrap the game in to a 32bit executable if you want using a 3rd party tool…

Ok got it :slight_smile: well then I hope the Gdevelop 5 32bit compatible will be released or I will need to reinstall windows to 64bit :smiley:

I don’t even know when was the last time I’ve been using a 32bit system :stuck_out_tongue: It was at least 2 years ago. In case your development system is 32bit and GDevelop is not running on your system, I think you need to upgrade to 64bit. The whole reason behind GD5 is to be able to offer cross platform IDE with less effort than with GD4. In case it is not compatible with 32bit, I don’t think the developer going to maintain two versions just to offer 32bit. It doesn’t worth it. Everyone is switching to 64bit now.

I’m currently using some version of gdevelop 4. Check for updates has always been checked so I guess I run the latest…
When I read about version 5 my understanding is that there is no native export support?

Are there functional differences between the version 5’s HTML5 and version 4’s native mode?
I (personally) am more interested to make games “running on pc” than the web.