Hello there

I’m Keops, and I’m learning to make my own games.

I’m a graphic designer by trade and I’ve worked in the past in small scale games for compos and for mobile titles in the pre-smartphone era (Nokia Symbian phones and the like).

I’m learning to program with Java but I’m also interesting in learning to use a dev tool such as GameDevelop to quickly make games while I continue my programming studies! This program looks very capable and easy to use.

I usually lurk around other game dev forums, mostly using the same handle.

Hope to learn a lot from you guys.


Welcome! :smiley:

Gracias Lizard! Yo también hablo español, soy de Venezuela.

¡Genial! :mrgreen:
[spoiler]Puedes enviarme cualquier duda en español por MP :wink:[/spoiler]