Hello, this is my very epic introduction

About Me!

My name is Brody, I'm a freshman and live with my very epic family and dogs. I myself, am a very epic gamer. I also love to code games in my free time and like to also code on the scratch website.

I love to play Minecraft, Roblox, and many other good games. I also own a YouTube channel and have gaming videos and stuff. Link to YouTube here: ToiletGaming3000

I am very happy to introduce myself, and I hope that I might actually get help with creating the maze game I am making now. I would rather be called ToiletGaming than the full name. But otherwise, thank you so much for reading.

I am also pretty good coding html

Quiz: Which answer below is not in HTML?

  • lol no
  • One Ths
  • This one

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3D maze game? try this link.

Its a project template for First-Person Movement. Its basic, no jumping, no sprinting, just walking and camera controls.
I used it as a base for my own maze game, so it should help you too.

oh it worked. I added a shift property in it.