''Hello, World!'' [Novice making a game]

Hi, I am developing a (Drag & Drop) game using GDevelop.
I am a complete novice using the software, looking forward to studying the wiki documents and trying to figure out how to build my game idea into a working app!
Any help along the way would be really appreciated. I have a background in Art & Design and my approach to game design has got me so far as to create a plan for my game and what it needs to do…

Installed [GD5] last week and have made some progress with my game already. There is still a lot to learn – so I am hoping some of the things I am stuck on will be easy for experienced users of GDevelop and you can point me to some good info or fix? Appreciate your time!

For anyone out there who might find this stuff useful too, here is a list of features I want to implement into my app. (I am looking for answers – maybe someone can help?)

Overlap Objects
I have a [Group] of draggable objects — the object that is currently being dragged needs to be able to over lap the other objects in that group.

Screen Boundary
I need to find a simple fix so objects cannot go outside the screen boundary.

Quick Menu
I would like to implement a quick menu for mobile devices - I need the player to use a touch gesture (swipe from edge) and bring out a menu.

Thanks, I will search the forum for Q&A and update anything I find.
Many thanks to GDevelop for the amazing tools!