Hello world!

Just started using Gdevelop, getting through the rough stuff. I’m hoping to learn to make some nice games with it. And have some fun. The latter has already occurred, Sparckman’s and some other tutorials have been helpful, alongside some troubleshooting to figure out what works. The only problems I have right now are with assigning a Logitech PC controller to move the Player and getting a music file to run. (So far, my impressions of the software are actually quite good. I’m still learning so I expect bugs.) :smiley:

Hi and welcome!

For the controller there’s an example (search for “controller” in the examples list), but it uses code so don’t expect to understand it well, GD doesn’t support controllers officially yet.

About the music, that’s a known “bug”, isn’t a bug actually because it’s the browser that forces you to interact with the game first before letting it to play music (to avoid these annoying pop-up/tabs page sounds)… so it’s a feature :stuck_out_tongue:
The sound library has been updated so lets see if it improves for the next version :slight_smile:

In all fairness, I do intend to test it by generating an EXE to see if the music plays without the restrictions of the test environment. I used to be a technical support representative, so I’m used to troubleshooting issues and asking questions. I’ll be around, and if I have any questions, or any discoveries, I’ll post them.

Sure, note that the exported exe is a mini-chromium-browser that just loads your web game actually, so it will (should) be as restrictive as in web :slight_smile:

Oh noes… The exe won’t generate for the test. Obviously that’s going to have to wait as I really don’t know anything about Gdevelop yet. I’ll test it when I’m sure all of it is supposed to run. :laughing: On the plus side, generating a Gdevelop online account was extremely easy. The gui of this software is very friendly, and if you start small and work with the examples you can learn at your own pace. It’s actually already been fun. :smiley: