Just signed up, thought I’d make a post. I’ve been learning JavaScript/HTML5 development for less than two weeks with the intention of making some simple games… I figure GDevelop will help make that a bit more fun and give more immediate results.

I looked into a few other tools before this as well such as flixel, haxepunk, stenycl, godot, unity, and consruct 2 but ultimately settled on GDevelop because from what I understand it allows native JavaScript code? Not to mention it’s completely free which in this case is a good thing because I don’t think paying money to make games is the right way to go about… well, making games.

I heard about this guy (in a book) who got his first computer in the 80’s or early 90’s or something… A commodore something or rather, and it came with no games, but it did come with an instruction manual for inputting lines of code that would make a program called “Comet Crash” or something… He said after two days of messing with that code and finally getting it to work, it showed nothing but a comet floating on the screen - and that it was “the most beautiful thing” he’d ever seen. After reading his story I really want to make games myself, just for fun…

Anyway, long ranty introduction there… Hi. :smiley: