I’m Dan N - from Romania,
I’ve stumbled upon GDevelop a week ago and I have to say it’s interesting.
I don’t have programming skills to back me up in developing astonishing games but I need to add something new for my “CGC service”.

Hi and welcome! :smiley:
Excuse my ignorance, what’s a “CGC service”, something related to computer graphics? :slight_smile:

Emmm… i did use the abbreviation due to adult nature of the service :slight_smile:

Damn, sorry, I feel like a dumb and innocent boy right now :blush: (will edit that just in case).

Good luck with that, and don’t hesitate to ask about any problem you face :slight_smile:

Hello , everyone !
My name is Matt , I’m mobile app developer in USA.
Interesting in AR / VR app development .
Do you an idea to create augmented reality apps?

GDevelop does not support AR.
I can’t recall any no coding tool that support AR.

In case you don’t mind coding, you can try:

In case you prefer web technology, you can try AR.js with any game engine you wish.

You can also try PlayCanvas if you need something ready to use

thank you for recommendations